And the mound of earth where the ant, unseen, has emerged

Speaks of the traces of juj and majuj, triumphant in a coming life.

(09-04 Alex)


And if you are to be selfless,

Then include every being

And every thing in your self

And then sacrifice it for Him.

(Winter 2006-7)



I can make the seas clash asunder,

And bring the oceans clambering,

Collapsing in onto the land,

Pulling down the fertile earth.

(Winter 2007, Sialkot)

Copyright ©2007  


Servant of the Unconquerable

Tonight my Love will be like the Sea

When it first discovered its humble destination

And it rushed to meet the Shore.

But what, will my Sea change direction?

As does the reckless tide move by the glory of the Sun

And then by the splendour of the Moon?

No. For my Sea is not so chaotic.

My Sea is not so cold.

My Sea is not so grinding.

Fear not, let it travel whichever way it wills.

It will never leave the Shore.

(Summer 2003, London)

Copyright ©2007 


Last Updated: 03 November 2007