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They do! They wibble and wobble when your baby nephew comes and pokes the little unoffending green froggy but, of course, despite exhausting itself from trying, it can find no way of falling down. Child. Proof. Just like every single one of us, yes, yes? Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. Like a seed of an apple that dances out of its hollow and into your mouth when you bite that close, this axiom, too, speaks only the truth of the matter. For the sake of authoritative ness I must know how to say this in Latin and then cite it often. And that really is all this one is about.


This is perhaps the most enchanting picture taken in my garden to date. Not Sony this time, no no no. Canon. It’s all about the Canon 400D… aaakkhhh thu*! The contrast of light and dark, the focus and posture somewhat remind me of a mu7aajabah: elegant yet poised; humble yet confident; enlightening and yet growing.


But then, I am no stranger to making obscure associations.

*‘aaakkhhh thu’ – an ancient method of fake spitting used to ward off evil eye [evil eye also known as 7asad or nazar], often practiced by [great]grandmothers, attributed as a common act amongst older generations of Moslems, although its actual origin is unknown; a verbal form of the black dot on the face used for similar purposes.

My Baby Canon 400d

It shlicks in the most divine and glossy way… Almost slicks… It’s a triumphant sound… Not-only-did-I-get-the-shot-but-I-got-it-gloriously-shlick! It fits my hand like a beautiful leather glove… And the pictures- oh the pictures… Like surreal whorls of silk and icing… Perfect balance… Perfection… Shlick!

Now… I wonder where that snails gone…

Snail Eye

I never really thought about where snails eyes really are. I only really ‘noticed’ for the first time today. Lucky- I had my camera with me.