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Counting (on) Deeds

The more that I read

The more that it seems –

The less I am sure

If I’ve done a good deed.

In light of His Favours

There is no such thing –

In light of His Mercy

We are not meant to win.

Yet we strive hard

Tears wear us thin –

We cannot be sure

But we cannot give in.


Pondering: we cannot confidently rely on the deeds we think may have earned us a reward with Him. Regardless of how lopsided the scale of deeds may be, in the end, only His Mercy on us can truly tip the balance. We can never be sure. But we can never give in.


The Sublime Statement

Divide your words amongst your pages the same way that you divide your valuables when you travel – hiding them in different locations so that if some is lost or taken from you, you are not completely robbed.

And why are your words so precious and guarded? What else leads you into inaction or action when you persuade yourself either way. Even in silence, words breathe.

And Adam [a.s.] was taught the names / the words of things. He was taught to conceptualise and communicate. That is how we exist.

You once surmised that philosophy was the identification and articulation of innate knowledge or understanding. But isn’t that the mode of existence? “INNATE” … SubhanAllah. Words are our alchemy.

And how funny that our limited capacities can never saturate a language, words or communication. How funny that when we are gone from here, and this form of communication will be so obsolete [Allahu A’lam], we will not have conquered it – only marveled at it and tried to impress it or do it justice by saying what ought to be said, using it as prescribed.

Our navigation of tongues, striking of pens and whistling thoughts, combined through the ages from the beginning of “time”; from the shrillest speech to the quashed words of silence – it will amount to diddly squat. With the exception … Of the Sublime Statement. 

Passive Participle: Thunk

For you – me – an impression of dehuman.

Freedom, please! Admit me.

Thunk me into a made-up plain.

Unimagine me! I may feel, then.

I may feel my way away, away.

some post-modern satire

some post-modern satire

A Definition of Philosophy

Clocking in, I look left and right and check my blind spot, where he stands waiting. And I ponder and act out the definitions of philosophy. Diamonds shower down from the sky and embed themselves into the land, the once soft skin. Philosophy, then, is the endeavour to articulate, verbally and physically, innate knowledge- consciousness. It is, after all, our knowledge by which we are defined. The more we possess, the more accountable we naturally become. And yet, none is tested beyond his means and it is in this truth that we are made equal. And so it may be said, the yardstick of our shadows is our knowledge. As they clench their fists at this proposal, the diamonds pop out and hit the ground, glinting, scattering.