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TomTom Is Not My Wife

[Husband driving along motorway]

TomTom: Bear left.

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear left?

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear left. Take the next exit.

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear. LEFT. Take the NEXT exit.

[Husband does not respond]


[Exit missed]

Wife: Why didn’t you take that exit??

Husband: You didn’t tell me to!!

Good Names and Bad Names

Q: Abu*, is [something-something] a Muslim name?

Abu: Any name with a good meaning is a Muslim name and any name with a bad meaning is not a Muslim name.

Q: Hmmm!

Abu: So, a very long time ago, people used to have names like ‘Monkey-Face’ and ‘Donkey’s-Bum’. Are these good names to have?

Q: No!

[Explanation continues.]


Abu n. Term of address for ‘Father’ or ‘Dad’ (origins: Arabic; common usage: Urdu).

Know Your Limits!

On the limitations of human thought.

Inspiration: #FFFFFF