Toobaa is a graduate Arabist turned lawyer, always-wanted-to-be-a-writer. This blog is her pressure cooker for theological, linguistic and creative juices. Yes.

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Who better to ask about a person than the Noddies who know her personally? Being a Noddy, is a veh veh good thing. We asked around. Let’s see what they had to say.

‘The cryptic labyrinth around her? Oh, that’s her hijab.’

‘Don’t mistake her silence for indifference or calmness for passivity. It will be your downfall.’

‘She treads the fine line between patronising and calming very well. Has she ever considered working in a mental institute?’

‘Hmm… Tell IT that words don’t do you justice and to leave you alone.’

‘The puma is a large, solitary cat. A lone hunter, it is most active at dusk and dawn.’

‘It has to be very profound. I don’t produce quotable sentences ad-hoc.’

‘The safest place between verbal abuse and handiwork.’

‘A ‘toobaa girl’ all by herself.’

‘ “People are intimidated, they are in awe of me.” And she’s probably right.’

‘She came. She saw. She conquered. That is better for her.’

“It’s simple. You mess with Zooz – you get Kurdled.”

‘No. I can assure you, she does not practice substance abuse- she is naturally trippy. The abuse, or even use, of such forbiddances would render her soul as unaccebtable for the duration of the the whole thingy. Four legs good, eating drugs bad.’

‘She writes like that freak… What’s his name…? Aleister Crowley!’

before i go, i will leave you with some food for thought