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Counting (on) Deeds

The more that I read

The more that it seems –

The less I am sure

If I’ve done a good deed.

In light of His Favours

There is no such thing –

In light of His Mercy

We are not meant to win.

Yet we strive hard

Tears wear us thin –

We cannot be sure

But we cannot give in.


Pondering: we cannot confidently rely on the deeds we think may have earned us a reward with Him. Regardless of how lopsided the scale of deeds may be, in the end, only His Mercy on us can truly tip the balance. We can never be sure. But we can never give in.


TomTom Is Not My Wife

[Husband driving along motorway]

TomTom: Bear left.

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear left?

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear left. Take the next exit.

[Husband does not respond]

TomTom: Bear. LEFT. Take the NEXT exit.

[Husband does not respond]


[Exit missed]

Wife: Why didn’t you take that exit??

Husband: You didn’t tell me to!!

Good Names and Bad Names

Q: Abu*, is [something-something] a Muslim name?

Abu: Any name with a good meaning is a Muslim name and any name with a bad meaning is not a Muslim name.

Q: Hmmm!

Abu: So, a very long time ago, people used to have names like ‘Monkey-Face’ and ‘Donkey’s-Bum’. Are these good names to have?

Q: No!

[Explanation continues.]


Abu n. Term of address for ‘Father’ or ‘Dad’ (origins: Arabic; common usage: Urdu).