I’m not sure whose guise the anti-Christ is in nowadays as it’s all rather oxy-moronic. In any case, she’s decided to refer to ‘Islamists’/’Fanatics’/’Extremists’ (all the heavy words that have masses of lost meaning) as being involved in ‘anti-Islamic activity’.

On the face of it- I like. After years of trying to push poo up a hill, finally someone realised that they were trying to do it with a toothpick. ‘Talso suggests that such anti-social behaviour is equally rejected by all wholesome Hovis eating people as true Islamic ethics [note how I am forced to always prefix Islam with ‘true’/’genuine’/’proper’/etc] are akin with universally accepted principles of human interaction and, hence, everyone can understand why they are ‘anti-Islamic’. I may end up using this.

“We can’t offer you a training contract.” “Tut. That’s so anti-Islamic.” “There are no more Roasted Onion and Sweet Balsamic Vinegar crisps left.” “How anti-Islamic is that!” “You look fat.” “Anti-Islamic swipe…”

On the other hand. Directly linking terrorisers with Islam could act, somewhat, as a double pronged highlighter, which is what the previous choice of words did- and what the new choice of words also do! Once it was Islamists, now it is Anti-Islamic. It suggests that, whichever is the rule or the exception, only Moslemators can be tewwowists. We’ll need different anti-somethings for every kind of bad-fear-hurt-creator. Thugs in the street harassing Dot Cotton are anti’s. Menacing kids are anti’s (ASBOs are still anti’s). Bank robbers are anti’s. Fraudsters are anti’s. Wife beaters are anti’s. San Quentin inhabitants are ANTI’s. Husband bashers are anti’s. And Ariston. Let’s call them all Anti-Islamic and and and then that will mean everyone else is IslamIC.

There are so many possibilities to coin a new word here- a new word that describes this phenomenon of the pain-spreaders of our generation. We may have to resort to dystopian novel-ly language and it might make this an even more inflamed bottom era to be alive in. Sigh. I hope at least one person keeps a comprehensive personal journal that will not be published fifty years from now because history will only be kept in 50ft deep cellars and the rest of it will be gone.