I had no idea that one gold ring produced 18 tonnes of waste. This information, along with a compliment for my white gold necklace, had just come to me when I, unusually, left the sink unplugged while trying to fasten this piece of jewellery around my neck. It is an exquisite piece with pink sapphire and diamonds. Ah, it won’t fall, not with my agility and reflexes and good reputation for keeping jewellery safe. So I didn’t push the plug in this time. And, of course, it could only really be this very time that it would slip from my hands. So, it slipped. The three long bars of the pendant tinkered off and went dancing around the basin whilst I swiped, unbelievably wide-eyed, like a pinball machine trying to channel them up out of the looming abyss that was the plughole. At this point, I should like to sigh. Sigh. I rescued 3 out of 4 pieces (one chain and two bars) as a result of my swiping. The longest bar continued and slipped right through the tiny gap around the plug. Sigh.


However, by the Grace of God, as I gently lifted the plug up a little, I found it precariously balanced along one of the arms of the plug. With a little delicate manoeuvring, the precise details of which I do not care to reproduce, we managed to rescue it (that’s me, and my agile self). Alhamdulillah!

I haven’t seen Leo Dio’s Blood Diamond, but the latest Developments magazine has made me seriously question where my diamonds have come from. How can I be sure that whoever mined it and whoever profited from it got their deserving pieces? Are they from conflict countries? Do I care? Really, how much? I’m sure that as I look into this, and ask the questions better, I will appreciate the answers better and I will really care to the point that it affects my decisions, not just my feelings. This is not sarcasm. It’s much clearer when I’m really being sarcastic.

From what I know so far, Kimberly is working to ‘stem the flow of conflict diamonds’. Mr Valerio reckons it will take about 15 years for consumers to treat jewellery buying in the same way as they do eggs from battery chickens and that his Cred Jewellery is the closest thing we can currently get to a fair trade diamond and green gold.

I don’t know the status of my necklace, but had it continued down the drain, it would most certainly be classified as a blood diamond. Ummi.