Toobaa decided to interview Bobby.

Toobaa:  Hello Bobby. How are you this evening? 

Bobby: Hello Toobaa, very well thankyou. Hanji 

Toobaa: Did you go on any exciting excursions today?

Bobby: yes I did, I went to a place where you live under water for some time and get to see how things look under water. It was quite an experience. very relaxing and mind soothing. secret place 

Toobaa: Ok, were you awake at the time? And is there a full moon tonight? 

Bobby: That’s right. I was fully awake… And I just had a look outside. There was no full moon. I’m sorry   

Toobaa: Don’t be. I heard you were on ‘The Apprentice’ once. Is this a vicious rumour? 

Bobby: Yes it’s just a rumour… Wherever I went people would say to me ‘wow Bobby ure so cool and talented you should really go on the Apprentice’.. then through chinese whispers cause I met some chinese people at a pool in Morocco , it became the headlines that I went on the Apprentince. Yes. 


Toobaa: Ah, I’m glad you’ve been able to clear this up. There is a bundle of grass, a goat and a wolf. You have one boat and you have to get them all across this river. You can only take one at a time. You must not leave the wolf alone with the goat, or the goat alone with the grass. How do YOU do it? 

Bobby: I say Uh and bobbys ur papa 

Toobaa: How.. What.. No, How would that work, exactly? 

Bobby: why do you ask so many questions?

Toobaa: Thank you for your time Bobby. You are free to leave the Dairy Room. 

Bobby: Thankyou Toobaa, can I have your numba 

Toobaa: You are free to leave. 

Bobby: I know im free its a free country

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