Why do some people just ask for it. And others end up having to pay for it. *snivvel*

My Beautiful Mother Dearest has already commented several times in recent history that she is feeling increasingly uncomfortable wearing the hijaab when she goes out because of how its associations are being maligned. She has felt a great difference in her immediate reception from others. This piece of news is really driving her over the edge. She would not stop wearing it, by the Grace of Allah, and it was a long and beautiful journey for her coming to wear it.

However, the fact alone that she, like many others, is having these thoughts makes me want to jab my finger, poke a stick and shake my fist angrily. At who? At the muhajababes, the muhaja-no-brains and the muwahah-I’m-above-you’s! Abide by the law! This does not constitute sheepleness*!

A Remedy: Continue to apply 7ijaab everyday and Be the change you wish to see. Should see visible results [such as smiles, pleasantries and reduced feeling of constriction] within a short period of time depending upon application. (A tried and tested formula.)

* ‘sheepleness’, derivative of ‘sheeple’ n. a term used to describe sheep people; people in need of shepherds; people who are able to be herded; people who willingly follow the crowd; people who unwillingly follow the crowd. (Word Origin, Harisian.)