On a composition by Ryuichi Sakamoto. 

My thoughts on the beautiful piece of music I wanted to write about are being strangled by the sound of Bombay taxi music which a new neighbour is blasting out in all its tinny glory. Ahem.

I first heard ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’ a few nights ago on LBC 97.3FM. It was the last part of the show where Clive Bull lets callers straight to air and gives each a quick turn to say their strange and obscure goodnights and final comments, ranging from ‘cock-a-doodle-don’t’ to ‘I have three nonsensical points I’d like to make in a most slurred fashion’. A caller, being too shy or having nothing else to say, (or something very specific to say) decided to play this piece down the telephone. Clivey let the music play and allowed other callers to talk over it.

The music seemed to take everybody. Nobody could concentrate on what it was they had wanted to say. Callers began, instead, to ask about the name of the piece and who had composed it. A cabby promptly called up and stated, in clear cockney, ‘’scalled ‘Merry Chrissmiss, Mr. Lawrence’, n iss by Ryuichi Sacka-mow-toe, from the 1989 movie wiv Dayvid Bowie .’ I downloaded it the next morning and shared the magic with several people. Every body was adrift, except Blobby, because Blobby is almost invincible and probably wanted to beat it up. It is now on repeat in a lot of places (except Blobby’s).

It makes one feel rather much older than one really is. Poignant. Reminiscent of a beautifully scented time lost, a glowing feeling that one may have never even experienced but is caused to remember such an emotion, evoked by the gently strumming notes of the piano, carried as if upon a breeze. Reminiscent. As though one had passed from this world and was looking back. When all knowledge had finally come, all realizations made and all the links connected. He has harnessed the power of music in a perfect way. Alternatively, the oriental touch simply makes you feel as though you were watching Anime.

A non-human inspiration? Why should it be? Indeed, the human brain is such a wonder. Such are its capabilities. And so delicate are its sensitivities. Inspiration: an exact and unique articulation.

It makes me wonder what would happen were every human to realise and discover his own masterpiece. SubhanAllah.

(Sakamoto Ryuichi – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (LIVE) can be seen on yootoob.)