And what is the devil? Who is this tyrant spoken of? And strange to ask yet rather befitting- we demonise his name, his speech, his actions and incitements- why? He gives us the choice, the gateway to the betterment of ourselves. If we take it not and succumb to our Selves, then why? Is he the one to blame? He who refused to bow except to His Lord. Is it not that when we fall beneath our mark, our major reprimand is our guilt? And such, we struggle to obey to avoid the guilt. Is this to obey His Word? It appears, my friends, that this is submission. Submission to the Self. Not to the Lord.

Guilt. The isolation of the desired self from the happened Self, and thus from practiced reality. Of it, we may mark three tenses. 1) To regret or not the happened. 2) To recognise or not the blemish. 3) To polish or not the imminent reflection. And whilst the Self is all encompassing, we must make to keep it shining.

We need not malign him further. Rather, it is ourselves to whom we must respond. From out of our inscribed caves we will emerge and run in the earth scented breeze, cautiously toward the light, and swiftly hastening upon realising it is the Sublime.

wAllahu A’lam.