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A Definition of Philosophy

Clocking in, I look left and right and check my blind spot, where he stands waiting. And I ponder and act out the definitions of philosophy. Diamonds shower down from the sky and embed themselves into the land, the once soft skin. Philosophy, then, is the endeavour to articulate, verbally and physically, innate knowledge- consciousness. It is, after all, our knowledge by which we are defined. The more we possess, the more accountable we naturally become. And yet, none is tested beyond his means and it is in this truth that we are made equal. And so it may be said, the yardstick of our shadows is our knowledge. As they clench their fists at this proposal, the diamonds pop out and hit the ground, glinting, scattering.


Writer’s Block (WB)

I was told that when I wanted to write, to come along here and blog away in my non-carbon footprint kind of way. I was also told that, as I could not stand the texture of eggs but knew my body was craving them, that I should have eggs, with tomatoes and spring onions, a little red chilli powder and salt in it. An omelette, as it were. This should be taken with any brown bread, preferably Hovis, with a glaze of margarine applied before toasting it. And a dollop of philadelphia or cottage cheese should be on the side of the plate. I was also told that when one has WB, the only way to unclog is to write, spew, churn out all the rubbish, uncaring of ones reputation, mental health or punctuation. I’d always imagined that WB only happened to those in front of typewriters. My concept of WB has evolved into something that Johnny Depp would have to act out one day, as a schizoid, in front of a laptop, with a black hat, I think…

Disclaimer: TGI Anonymous.